w/out Scope
BTK-001 Terminator
Basic Kit -
No Unnecessary
Tools Here!
This Kit Built the
largest fiber to the
desk in the US.  
Do you have one?
BTK-001 Terminator
Basic Kit w/200X Scope
1 Ea. 200X Basic Inspection Scope
1 Ea.  Carbide Scribe
1 Ea, Loctite 680 Adhesive
(must be
ordered & shipped separately due to HazMat)
1 Ea, loctite 7649 Primer w/sprayer
(must be ordered & shipped separately due to HazMat)
25 Ea. Adhesive Applicators
10 Ea. 12 Micron (Yellow) Pol. Film
10 Ea. 3 Micron (Pink) Pol. Film
10 Ea. .3 Micron (White) Pol. Film
1 Ea. ST Bare Fiber Adapter
100 Ea. Non-Woven Dry Wipes
1 Ea. Universal Crimp Tool
1 Ea. Economy Scissors
1 Ea. Universal Polishing Puck
for ST's, SC's, and FC's
1 Ea. Medium Density Pol. Pad
1 Ea. 4 Oz Plastic Alcohol Bottle
1 Ea. Durable Tool Kit
1 Ea. Jonard Combo Buffer Stripper**
1 Ea, Dewalt Safety Glasses
1 Ea, Universal Jacket Stripper
Suggested Extra Consumables!
  • STOP hauling ovens to the telcom room!
  • STOP setting up your UV Lamps
  • STOP wasting valuable time AND money with
    PrePolished, high attenuation, high cost
    connector systems.
Note! You could be down having a cold drink (Pepsi)
in the time it took you to utilize the other fiber optics
connector systems.
"WHAT? You're using an OVEN to cook your connectors when terminating?  
Wow!  By the time you Hook Up, Warm Up, and Cook up, the technicians using the
The 'Terminator' are CLOSING UP.  Don't burn your fingers.  I thought ovens were
for cooking bread! Also - these connectors are commonly known as
Shake and
Bake Connectors.  You Shake your fingers when you burn them and Bake your
connectors when you terminate them. Go out and do the right thing!"
Fiber Optic Termination Tools - Advanced and Basic
w/ No Scope
For More Details, Click on Above Photo.
Anaerobic Fiber Optic Tool Kit Replacement Items
FOT680, Adhesive
FOT7649, Primer w/Spray
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The "Terminator" Basic Tool Kit (BTK-001)
Basic Kit with or w/o 200X Scope)
w/200x Scope

Note:  Because the chemicals are
considered to be HAZMAT by UPS,
they must be ordered and shipped
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illustrated below!
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Tester Man Singlemode Tool Kit